The global success of our liquid metal surfaces

Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, is known for artwork that stands the test of time

A business at the heart of visual innovation

Metall-FX™ transforms ordinary surfaces into extraordinary pieces of artwork. Our artisans craft bespoke liquid metal finishes for businesses looking for a one-of-a-kind concept to elevate their visual presence. Each bespoke coating is a collaborative endeavour, where our artisans work hard to capture the essence of a brand. Our commitment extends beyond the workshop; it translates into custom-made finishes that truly communicate a brand’s values. Join us on this voyage of creativity, where our liquid metal coatings inspire artists to reimagine spaces and help brands forge a distinctive identity.


Create spaces designed to make a statement

Standing out amidst the sea of design trends requires a bold departure from the ordinary. It requires you to sit on the precipice of conventionality, contemplating the allure of the familiar, and make the conscious decision to push boundaries. Our liquid metal coatings are the transformative medium designers, architects, and builders use to craft spaces that defy the expected. From architectural elements to interior design features, our liquid metal coatings have the capacity to set businesses apart. Embracing the extraordinary starts now.

Liquid metal specialists

Harnessing liquid metal through intricate patterns, textures, and gradients.

One-of-a-kind designs

An expression of individuality in every piece of artwork.

Dedication to our craft

Artwork created through collaboration, passion, and pure artistic talent.


A portfolio of exquisite art displayed around the world

In the design realm, collaboration is the true test of artistic genius. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with brands such as Chanel, Harrods, Penhaligon’s, and Tommy Hilfiger to craft spaces that capture the essence of their brand. Each collaboration is a unique journey where we merge our artistic expertise with the brand’s values, vision, and aspirations. Together, we create immersive experiences that draw customers in and persuade them to return.

Transform your space with bespoke liquid metal coatings from Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford.