Our unique Metall-FX artisan metal veneer is the result of years of experience in interior design and decoration expert, and a wide range of commercial and residential projects, from high-end luxury homes to designer clothes stores, hotels and art installations.

Creativity without limits

Metall-FX was developed in order to provide fellow designers with the creative freedom to apply a luxurious aesthetic to any project – to astonish their clients and lead the industry in chic design and versatility.

Metall-FX has now been used in buildings, art projects and even film props throughout the world. You’ll see the astonishing results for yourselves in the staircase railings, doorways and props of the Harry Potter films, for instance!

Where once designers were limited by the cost, practicalities and inconvenience of metal casting, now a genuine, durable and unique metal finish can be applied in ways that are limited only by the designer’s imagination. What would have felt like magic only 25 years ago is now achievable, and is within reach of any designer, furniture maker or joiner – through Metall-FX.

Unleash your imaginative potential

With dozens of alloys and pure metals available, and an astonishing choice of more than 2000 colour, texture and pattern variations, a truly bespoke and individual finish is within your grasp. To discuss your project requirements, or for our professional recommendation, please call +44 (0) 1488 726888, email info@metall-fx.com or click here to send us a message