Bespoke Coatings

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Our industry-leading bespoke metal veneers bring life and versatility to a vast range of products, surfaces and art installations. Our bespoke metal coatings can be used virtually anywhere; on luxury furnishings, sculptures, feature walls and even flooring.

If you want to add timeless class, elegance and a unique character to a commercial or residential project – whether a high-end department store, hotel, conference centre, or modern luxury home – our bespoke metal coatings provide a level of versatility, creativity and cost-effectiveness unmatched by traditional application methods.

Timeless luxury, unlimited choice

While some suppliers offer imitation metal veneers, our Metall-FX product is the real thing, drawing from dozens of pure powdered base metals and alloys. We provide unlimited scope for personalisation, with a catalogue of more than 3000 colour variations, textures and finishes to give each project a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind finish.

We offer an end-to-end design and application surface, which includes personal, one-to-one consultation, materials and on-site application. Alternatively, all our products are available as stand-alone metal kits, including all you need to apply a durable metal finish yourself.


The applications for our bespoke metal coatings are limited only by your imagination. Our massive collection of beautiful finishes and textures will add a sensational appearance to dozens of different applications:

  • Feature walls: Metall-FX is easy to apply to virtually any substrate, making it ideal for dramatic and eye-catching feature walls. Our cold spray method requires no heat source or curing oven, making it convenient for on-site application. Our contractors can help you choose the most appropriate installation or cladding material for your feature wall.
  • Art installations and film props: Sculptures, props and works of art can all be embellished by our metal veneers, giving artists an unparalleled degree of creative freedom. At the same time, Metall-FX provides a natural metal finish at a fraction of the cost of metal casting.
  • Staircases and balustrades: Our bespoke metal coatings enable a luxurious finish for all staircases, railings and balustrades. Embellish your designs with a solid precious or semiprecious veneer, with exactly the same effect as a fully cast metal design, but without the prohibitive costs.
  • Flooring: Our bespoke metal coatings can transform any timber or tile floor into an exquisite and unique surface. Floorboards or panels can be coated in metal and ingrained with the required texture, then polished or aged to create the desired aesthetic. Flooring treated with Metall-FX has the same durability and longevity as its solid metal equivalent.
  • Timeless interiors: Our coatings enable a luxurious and elegant aesthetic in any interior space, from shopfronts to bathrooms. Selectively apply Metall-FX to craft unique signage, facades, furnishings, wall panels, door frames, cabinets and joinery units. Allow your creative imagination full rein to design breath-taking and eye-catching interiors that empower your clients to stand out and shine.

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