Explore the earthy tones of our bronze finishes

A blend of historical richness and contemporary sophistication. Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, produces innovative bronze finishes that tell a unique story of classic beauty and modern elegance.

The timeless allure of bronze

Our bronze finishes capture a sense of antiquity and contemporary elegance. Imagine sculptures, tools, and ceremonial objects brought to life by the ingenuity of early civilizations. Bronze holds a cultural resonance, encompassing a legacy of craftsmanship. This aged patina displays a spectrum of russet, amber, and coppery tones, telling a rich and ever-changing story. These complex hues transform spaces into a dynamic canvas as if each layer of bronze is a brushstroke from an artist’s hand. From fluid, abstract installations to meticulously detailed sculptures, our bronze finishes serve as a versatile tool for artistic exploration. With the transformative nature of bronze liquid metal, designers can seamlessly fuse the enduring legacy of bronze with modern design.
Bronze Finishes

Bold aesthetic

Our copper finishes are the focal points that characterise a space.

Distinctive red hues

The striking colour palate imbues an inviting ambience within any room.

Bespoke copper finish

Our finishes offer endless design possibilities with their unique textures and gradients.

Bronze 1

Bronze 2

Bronze 3

Bronze 4

Bronze 5

Bronze 6

Bronze 7

Bronze 8

Bronze 9

Bronze 10

Bronze 11

A canvas of creativity

We encourage interior designers, builders, and architects to redefine the possibilities of design by infusing the timeless richness of bronze into contemporary spaces. From elaborate exterior facades to sophisticated interiors, our bronze finishes impart a sense of luxury and visual intrigue into every room. Bronze is perfect for those projects where you wish to pay homage to a building’s history, while seamlessly embracing the styles of modern design. Our finishes allow you to experiment, create, and rediscover the aesthetic boundaries of your spaces. The time to explore is now.

Bronze Finishes