Cold Metal Spray

Our cold metal spray method has revolutionised luxury interior design, giving designers, joiners and furniture makers access to thousands of beautiful metal surfaces. The process we use is known as cold metal spray.

What is the cold metal spray?

The cold spray method involves combining a metal powder with a non-metallic – in our case polymer – binding agent. When combined with a catalyst, the metal hardens to form a solid metal veneer, indistinguishable from a cast metal surface. The key difference between cold spray and other methods is that no external heat source is required to apply or cure the metal. Simply spray the powdered metal onto the required surface using a special metal applicator, with no need for a curing oven or lengthy drying time. This makes the process faster, more energy-efficient, and more practical for direct application.

How does cold metal spray work?

The process uses a high-pressure, compressed air gun, to project the liquid metal at the surface at high speed. On impact, the metal particles deform and bond with the surface, the binder and catalyst, creating a robust and impermeable barrier. Using this method, a metal veneer can be applied to any substrate, including wood, MDF, concrete, stone, various metals, foam, plaster, and even cardboard and paper. The stand-off distance – the distance the operator must be from the substrate – can be as little as 15cm, making cold spray metal application suitable for enclosed spaces.

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