Explore the regal hues of our copper finishes

The artisans at Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, craft copper finishes with meticulous precision, creating bold statement pieces that infuse spaces with a distinctive character.

The burnished shades of copper

Our copper finishes infuse spaces with a welcoming glow, reminiscent of the first rays of sunlight at dawn. Imagine experiencing a sunrise, with the red, rosy hues peaking over the horizon as the air becomes charged with a day of new possibilities. Our copper finishes capture these moments, telling a story within a textured palette of soft pinks, fiery reds, and burnt oranges. These warm hues make a bold statement, commanding attention while seamlessly integrating into various designs. The red hues accentuate the finest details in a room as if they were the rubies on the crown jewels. Our copper finishes become the focal point of a room, a magnetic force drawing the eye and infusing the environment with a sense of opulence. They open the door to a realm of possibilities, allowing artists to turn their ideas into reality.
Copper Finishes

Bold aesthetic

Our copper finishes are the focal points that characterise a space.

Distinctive red hues

The striking colour palate imbues an inviting ambience within any room.

Bespoke copper finish

Our finishes offer endless design possibilities with their unique textures and gradients.

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Copper 2

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Copper 11

Copper Finishes

Artwork showcasing vivid red tones

Interior designers, architects, and builders wield our copper finishes to create spaces that scream of grandeur. Whether adorning architectural structures or intricately designed interiors, our copper finishes take centre stage in any room. They are a medium used to make a statement; they are a declaration of creative intent. Our finishes serve as visual anchors, drawing the eye and making an unmistakable impact on any room. They communicate a nuanced understanding of design dynamics, speaking of the artist’s creativity and mastery of the space.