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White metal luxury kitchen

Transformative finishes for distinctive designs

At Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, our artisans craft a range of liquid metal finishings, where each hue tells a unique story of artistry and innovation. Explore now.

Brass and white marble kitchen


The rich, golden hues of brass are guaranteed to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. From classic architectural details to interior design elements, the versatile hues of brass can complement an array of diverse aesthetics. Brass can seamlessly blend into various design styles, from classic and ornate to sleek and contemporary. Whether displaying a brilliant shine or a soft matte finish, each brass finish we craft is one-of-a-kind in every way.


Bronze radiates a warmth and charm that speaks to its enduring beauty and historical significance. Our bronze finishes reflect light in a way that imparts a sense of depth and refinement. Perfect for timeless sculptures and architectural embellishments, bronze transforms every space with its captivating sheen. Our bronze finishes serve as a bridge between traditional artwork and contemporary design, using a dynamic interplay of light, texture, and colour to make a statement.

Bronze kitchen
Yacht with copper interior design


Coppers boasts a distinctive aesthetic appeal that brings a unique vibrancy to any space. It commands spaces with its striking reddish-brown patina, embedding a touch of rustic sophistication within every room. Copper remains a timeless favourite for those who appreciate the evolving beauty of natural materials. It is the perfect finish for artwork designed to make a statement.

White metal

For a crisp and clean aesthetic, white metal complements contemporary spaces with a sleek and understated appeal. The reflective surface of white metal adds a luminous quality that enhances a room’s natural light sources. Its ability to reflect light creates a visually open and airy atmosphere, making a space feel welcoming and uplifting.

White metal staircase
Liquid metal

Enquire now to discuss our range of liquid metal finishes.

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