Metal Kits

At Metall-FX, we offer our premium, bespoke metal finishes in a way that best suits your needs and business model. If you wish, we provide a complete, end-to-end service, including initial consultation, your choice of base metal and finishes, materials, application and after-care support.

You can also buy a metal kit from us and apply the product yourself. All kits are made to order and contain everything you need to successfully apply a beautiful metal finish to any surface or product.

What our metal kits contain

Each metal kit consists of three components:

  • Premium metal powder
  • A powdered polymer binding agent
  • A catalyst

Each kit comes with full instructions on how to prepare and apply the metal finish. The kits are simple and easy to use and do not require previous experience. Joinery manufacturers, construction contractors, hobbyists, artists, sculptors and furniture makers alike will be able to mix and apply metal coatings quickly, for consistent and stunning results each time.

Our metal kits have an almost unlimited shelf life, giving you convenient access to any finish, in any metal, for any surface, whenever you need it. Metal kits are perfect for small scale projects, maintaining or refurbishing metal surfaces, or for creating a high-end finish on new or restored furniture.

The finished surfaces have the same durability, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance as the equivalent cast metal surface – at a fraction of the expense.


Our metal kits are designed to create a durable, composite metal finish on almost any surface. Compatible substrates include concrete, wood, metal, plasterboard, MDF, fibreglass, ceramic, stone and many more.

Our metal kits let you replicate any metal effect you can imagine, and allow phenomenally imaginative uses of metals that simply wouldn’t be possible when using sheet metal. Set your imagination free with a dazzling array of finishes and effects, including:

  • Antique, aged or weathered metal
  • Rough metal surfaces
  • Brushed and polished metal
  • Rare and precious metals

How to order

To purchase a metal kit, get in touch by phone or email and have a chat with us about the finish you want, or describe your application and we are happy to offer a few recommendations. Kits can be ordered as single products or in bulk, and are available at attractive trade prices. Speak to one of our design specialists to find out more – please call +44 (0) 1488 726888, email or click here to send us a message.