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Gold luxury bedroom

Explore the golden glow of our brass finishes

At Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, our artisans have captured the warm tones of aged brass. Perfect for ornate patterns and classic artwork, our brass finishes allow for a range of design possibilities.

The golden radiance of brass

Our liquid metal process enhances the inherent golden tones of brass, producing a finish that radiates with a warm glow. It creates a space that feels inviting, like visiting an art gallery on a rainy day. When natural light catches on our brass finishes, the room’s highlights and shadows are exposed, adding depth and dynamism to the space. Brass can add an aura of mystery and intrigue, much like watching an artist make the final brush strokes on a canvas. Whether it’s adorning architectural elements or bespoke designs, our brass finishes bring the comfort of a crackling fire and the sophistication of a thoughtfully curated gallery.

brass splash
Brass counter

Artwork inspired by brass

The reflective nature of our brass coatings makes them the perfect choice for accenting key features in both commercial and residential settings. We encourage artists, interior designers, and architects to unleash their creativity and explore the versatility of our brass finishes. Imagine a project in need of that little bit extra – that standout feature. The feature that truly captures your attention, makes you take a breath, and forces you to consider the artistry needed to craft the space. From bespoke sculptures to textured wall panels, our finishes are the final piece needed to complete the puzzle.

Timeless elegance

Our brass finishes add a touch of sophistication to any interior.

Handcrafted finishes

Our artisans meticulously craft our finishes with time-honed techniques.

Unique golden tones

Each finish is unique in every way, allowing you to craft a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Brass finish

Call Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, on 01488 72688 to discuss our brass finishes

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