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textured white metal and marble kitchen

Explore the pure, natural tones of our white metal finishes

Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, crafts unique white metal finishes that enhance natural light and serve as an understated backdrop for bold design elements.

The gentle luminance of white metal

The pure tones of white metal resonate with a sense of clarity, akin to a pristine winter landscape after the first snowfall of the season. These coatings draw out the elegance of a space, highlighting the refined simplicity of modern design. The reflective nature of these finishes enhances the play of light in a room, infusing the space with an airy and open quality that radiates a sense of serenity. The neutrality acts as a versatile backdrop, allowing for other elements of the design to take centre stage. These pure tones become a quiet yet powerful presence in any room and stand as a testament to the beauty found in simplicity.

silver splash
White metal sculpture

Artwork that stands the test of time

Our white metal finishes are a versatile medium able to be used as a blank canvas in any space. They create clean, minimalist aesthetics that embody simplicity and sophistication. It requires a brave designer to forgo a detailed colour palate, instead, stripping away the excess and creating complexity through simple design choices. The design becomes a story where the absence of colour speaks louder than a diverse spectrum of hues. These courageous design choices are timeless, transcending the fleeting trends of the moment. Our finishes empower designers and architects to step into a world of creativity, where the possibilities are endless.

Versatile elegance

Our white metal finishes explore a range of textures and gradients.

Neutral backdrop

The silver tones create balance within intricate interior designs.

Clean and timeless

The simplicity of white metal gives it a timeless presence within any design.

textured white metal finish

Call Metall-FX™ Ltd, Hungerford, on 01488 72688 to discuss our white metal finishes

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